“Star Wars” Characters Sing Smash Mouth’s “All Star” to Celebrate May the 4th

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May the 4th is “Star Wars” Day. That’s a fact, an immutable law of science, because today is a “Star Wars” pun: “May the Fourth be with You.” That’s right, all we fans need to celebrate our favorite movies is a good calendar pun. So, welcome, all you who lack midichloirans. May the fourth be with you all!

Note: Whenever someone greets you with, “May the Fourth be with you,” it is polite to respond, “And also with you.”

There are many “Star Wars” themed celebrations, memes, and jokes flying around the web today, but the best comes from our friends over at “The Tonight Show.” They know that it never made sense not to live for fun, so they made a mashup of “Star Wars” characters singing Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”

“Star Wars” Day is a reminder to take the back streets. You’ll never know if you don’t go. “Star Wars” is a hero’s journey, in which small people change the universe, in which we remember that we are all stars, and can never shine if we don’t glow. So get your game on. Go play! Get your show on; get paid! Don’t sit there looking dumb with your finger and your thumb in the shape on an “L” on your forehead! When the years start coming, they don’t stop coming. Shoot the (death) stars. Break the mold. May the fourth be with you.