Melissa Etheridge Turned Her 1993 Hit “I’m The Only One” Into an 11-Minute, One-Woman Band Acoustic Performance


If you had ears in the mid-90s, you probably listened to your fair share of Melissa Etheridge. Her Yes I Am album from 1993 featured the hits, “Come to My Window,” “If I Wanted To” and “I’m The Only One.”

“Come to My Window” and “I’m The Only One” were nominated for Best Rock Song at the 1996 GRAMMY Awards, but it’s Etheridge’s most recent performance of the latter that has people talking these days.

Etheridge took her gritty vocals, a 12-string guitar, a harmonica, a bass guitar and some pre-recorded rhythms to put together an 11-minute, one-woman band extravaganza of pure musical talent.

For reference, here’s the original version.