Michael W. Smith’s ‘Change Your World’ Turns 25, Remains Awesome


Grab your student study Bible and “saddle up your horse-es” because we’re going back to the ’90s!

The year of 1992 was a golden year for Christian music. In that year alone DC Talk released Free At Last, Michael English introduced the world to In Christ Alone, Amy Grant changed Christmas playlists forever with Home for Christmas, and Steven Curtis Chapman, the Michael Jordan of Christian music, took home the Dove for The Great Adventure. And all the youth group kids said, “Amen!” In a year crammed with hits, it would be easy to overlook Michael W. Smith’s “Picture Perfect,” (from Change Your World) but that would be a mistake.

This album ages like a fine communion wine/grape juice. I love it. The whole album is great, but “Picture Perfect” is the dance-like-your-parents-are-chaperoning hit.

And who didn’t sing “Friends” on the last day of summer camp?

The whole album is worth a re-listen and is sure to take your workday to the third heaven.