Michelle Obama Made a Valentine’s Day Playlist for Barack Obama and It’s So Good

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In all of my years, I think I’ve only had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day a few times. But, you know, I’m not against the holiday. It’s great. It’s even better when you can kind of ease into watching other people celebrate their life-long commitment to each other with a great Spotify playlist. Especially when that playlist was made by former First Lady Michelle Obama for President Barack Obama. And let me say this– Michelle can make a playlist.

In an Instagram post, Michelle shared, “Happy #ValentinesDayto my one and only, @BarackObama. To celebrate the occasion, I’m dedicating a little Valentine’s Day playlist to you!”

The playlist spans all genres and political parties and includes the likes of Barry White, Diana Ross, Alabama Shakes, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Tim McGraw and Alicia Keys.

It’ll definitely get you feeling the love.