Mila Kunis Reveals That Her and Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding Rings Are From Etsy


Most celebrity weddings and marriages have one thing in common — big-ass diamonds. For some reason, when famous people get married, they feel the need to spend the amount of money that us normal people would spend on a house, on a ring for your finger.

But, to actress Mila Kunis, this seemed a little unreasonable.

“For our wedding bands, for when we got married, I just decided to get them off Etsy,” she said in a recent interview with Conan. “‘Cause I wanted, like, the thinnest possible platinum band… And then I went and looked at how much and I was like, ‘What, they’re how much” This is astronomical,’ and so I went on Etsy and was like, ‘$90?’ I was like, ‘Buy now!'”

I respect that.