Miss Alabama Told Chris Harrison She Had No Interest in Being on “The Bachelor”

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The 2018 Miss America Pageant was one for the books, as contestants were asked two different questions during the competition. The first question was a more-lighted hearted ask, serving as an opportunity to get to know a little more about the contestants’ personalities.

Judge Molly Sims wasting no time in putting Chris Harrison, beloved host of “The Bachelor” franchise on the spot as Miss Alabama, Jessica Procter, took the stage for her fish bowl question.

Sims asked, “If right now, the handsome fellow standing next to you, Chris Harrison, offered you the chance to be the next Bachelorette, would you take it?”

Procter wasted no time in telling all of America– no way, “All right, Chris. Don’t be offended,”. I don’t think I would take it. I don’t know. I love watching the show, it’s really entertaining, but it’s not always the best chances of staying with who you end up with on ‘The Bachelor.’ Looking what’s happened recently with Ben [Higgins] and Lauren [Bushnell], who were my people.”

Harrison didn’t seem all that surprised, and laughed it off by saying, “As long as you’re watching, it’s fine.”