7 TV Characters So Annoying We Almost Can’t Watch Our Favorite TV Shows

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Somehow, throughout the rich history of TV some of the most beloved and successful shows have also produced some of the worst characters. Like, they’re so annoying we almost can’t binge watch the show anymore.

7 TV Characters So Annoying We Almost Can’t Watch Our Favorite TV Shows:

1. Dana Brody // “Homeland”
Honestly, the worst TV character of all-time. Her dad returns from war, after they thought he was dead for a decade and she goes full-throttle angsty teen.

2. Ross Geller // “Friends
For someone so smart and seemingly attractive, Ross sure was insecure. Which, doesn’t make much sense considering he grew up the favorite. Also, those temper tantrums.

3. Maddie // “Nashville
When you don’t get your way as a teenager, it’s always best to just go to court and emancipate yourself from your parents.

4. Mona Lisa // “Parks and Rec”
ML was awful, but brilliant. If she existed in real life, you would literally run her over with a truck, but on TV, you can at least giggle.

5. Ted Mosby // “How I Met Your Mother”
You know why the story for meeting Ted’s wife was so long? It took him forever to meet someone who wasn’t totally annoyed by him.

6. Julie Taylor // “Friday Night Lights”
Julie had a really hard time figuring it out. She cheated on Matt, purposely ran her car into a mailbox after having an affair with a teacher and she was just the whiniest.

7. Taylor Doose // “Gilmore Girls
The fact that this guy was an elected official is astonishing.