The Most Hated Foods In The USA By State


There is a new dating app that suggests a lasting relationship can be built on common dislikes. No, they say, it isn’t about mutually enjoyed experiences, love can be about mutually despised things. As much as I hate the idea of going on a date to grip about what I don’t like, the new dating app, Hater, does have a point. People rally behind causes, even if they are negative. The app has even found some interesting information. Based on their users, Hater has found the most disliked foods in every state. Some of y’all are ridiculous.

Out west, they seem to hate the stuff that makes the south-east: Chik-Fil-A, chicken nuggets, fast food, Pumpkin Spice everything. That being said, I stand with Wyoming.

The heartland bristles against fancy-shmancy foodie items like quinoa, charcuterie, foraged foods, tapas, and cheese plates. These are the folks that feed the nation. Of course they don’t like alternative fancy foods! And, come on Nebraska! Of course you don’t like shellfish! The only seafood you have ever had was at least a week old and probably made you sick. Texas may be the only other obvious hater, they have their steaks figured out down there.

And then there’s the East coast. They’re just making things up. Mayo on fries? Get a grip Connecticut. Really, Maryland, you hate a brownies from a certain part of the pan more than kale, more than anchovy pizza, more than any other food!? Take a hike.

Hawaii, it’s…it’s like we don’t even know each other.