Kellie and Ben Interviewed a Couple Who Are Traveling The World Completely Naked and We Have So Many Questions


On a recent episode of “Pickler and Ben,” Kellie and Ben interviewed Lins and Nick, a couple who have completely embrace the nudist lifestyle– and it was super weird.

The couple video conferenced in for the interview, and to Kellie’s surprise, they were completely naked for that, too. “Oh wow, are y’all naked now??” she asked. They awkwardly didn’t answer her question, but I think it’s pretty clear.

The couple says they started embracing the lifestyle because of a coupon. “Where do you get your coupons??” Kellie asked. Valid question.

Basically, they got a coupon for a spa that was located at a nudist resort, and they decided to go for it. Now, they try to be as naked as possible “when it’s allowed.”


They have an Instagram account, aptly named “Naked Wanderings,” where they post about their travels, and where they come up with really creative ways to get around Instagram’s censorship rules.