Kristi Yamaguchi Told Nancy Kerrigan to “Break a Leg” Before Her Debut on “Dancing With the Stars” (Oops!)


Twitter strikes again.

In a friendly effort to show some love between beloved American Olympians, Kristi Yamaguchi (1992 Gold Medalist, 2008 DWTS Champion), tweeted some friendly words to Nancy Kerrigan before her debut on “Dancing With the Stars.”

There’s just one major problem with these friendly words– Kristi seems to have forgotten about that whole Tonya Harding incident where Nancy was clubbed in the right knee before the 1994 US Championships. You know, she basically had her leg broken, forcing her to withdraw from competition.

Of course, Twitter loved it and responded with GIF after GIF after GIF.

Nancy clearly noticed the heartfelt, yet misguided attempt in her reply back.

Nancy and her partner received a promising 28/40 on their first number.