6 TV Characters Who Should Move to “Nashville” Tomorrow


With Rayna James’ death and the addition of Rachel Bilson, “Nashville” is the hot place to be. Unless, of course, you’re Rayna and your surgery at a Nashville hospital went terribly wrong and only family could be in the ICU, but they let your daughter’s 6th grade choir in to sing a song.

Since Connie Britton is so, so good at what she does, it always kind of felt like Rayna James was just Tami Taylor living out another life. And since Summer Roberts (Bilson) was such a character on “The O.C.” it’s kind of interesting to think about what it would be like if it was actually Summer packing up her bags and leaving sunny California for Music City, USA.

6 TV Characters Who Should Move to “Nashville” Tomorrow:

1. Tim Riggins // “Friday Night Lights”

I know he’s all “Texas Forever” and everything, but if we know anything about Texans it’s that they can carry that pride with them anywhere. Tim would make an excellent companion for Scarlett. She needs a real man in her life.


2. Jim Halpert // “The Office”

Jim did very well in sports marketing, why couldn’t he bring that charm south and get into the music industry? Bucky needs a friend. Someone sane, preferably.

3. Rory Gilmore // “Gilmore Girls”

Rory is annoying as all get out, but she needs to raise her baby in the South. She could work as a writer for me in Nashville and cover Juliette Barnes 24/7 for all I care. Maybe Emily could babysit the baby.


4. Tami Taylor // “Friday Night Lights”

There’s no way Deacon can make it on his own in this big, cold world. Tami Taylor is the perfect woman for him.


5. Andy Dwyer // “Parks and Rec”

Andy needs to figure out once and for all if Mouse Rat can make it. He can do that if he moves to Nashville and starts playing at the Bluebird Cafe.


6. Jack Donaghy // “30 Rock”

Highway 65 needs a smart, experienced professional to take over for Rayna. Why not a guy who ran an entire network?