42 Thoughts on Nashville Season 5, Episode 2

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Season 5 of “Nashville” is only two episodes in and I’m already asking myself a lot of questions— does Teddy still exist? Is Cash in prison? Do I have to forget about those people? What happened to that bar Deacon owned?

Maybe those things don’t matter in the long run. But, still.

42 Thoughts on Nashville Season 5, Episode 2:

  1. Juliette has a regular person Facebook? No way. She’s too cool for Facebook. And too famous.
  2. Did Maddie drop out of school to get this button pushing internship?
  3. Maddie not impressed by any YouTube stars.
  4. Deacon has jokes and isn’t going to let YouTube superstar Ashley spoil his vibe or his sucker.
  5. Come on, the coffee shop guy sees Maddie with a notebook full of words, IN NASHVILLE, and asks if she’s a poet?
  6. If dropping a huge cup of coffee in front of a guy works as a pickup line, I’m going to start dumping buckets of coffee in front of guys.
  7. Someone has to find out how much Emily is getting paid.
  8. The Angel is super chill and nice to Juliette, but last week her pastor said a meeting would never happen.
  9. Rayna is such a gracious record label head– she told Scarlett she could wear clothes in the music video.
  10. Rule No. 452, “never drink a juice anyone was telling you about.”
  11. Oh, this guy is smooth. He brought her a demo.
  12. Avery and Deacon’s faces.
  13. “What’s that thing she’s doing with her voice?”
  14. “It’s that thing Britney Spears used to do.”
  15. Angel doesn’t want a car, it makes her uncomfortable.
  16. Angel really is an angel, volunteering and all those foster kids waiting on her. Who is she?!
  17. Deacon is going to start a war with this girl. I’m worried for his safety.
  18. Is Avery’s speech a speech to the country music industry? “Quit burying it under all this crap!”
  19. Why is everyone on the street throwing demos at these people today?
  20. Taylor Swift shoutout!
  21. If Taylor made an appearance on this show, she would totally tell Rayna she grew up listening to her music. She would say she sang one of her songs in a 5th grade talent show.
  22. Juliette telling Avery about the Angel not wanting the car is quite the moment.
  23. “Why would you think she’d want a car?”
  24. “Don’t rub it in!”
  25. Who’s just walking around asking Juliette to wiggle her toes? She’s acting like people on the street are asking her to do it.
  26. Cadence comes through again!
  27. Maddie is not going to make it in this business. You gotta let people treat you poorly. Especially if they pay you.
  28. Juliette keeps appearing on Angel’s front yard. Angel is going to have to get a restraining order.
  29. Juliette is still trying to make sense of all this and Angel tells her this is her chance to CHANGE HER LIFE AND BE BETTER.
  30. “If I started praying now, God would just laugh.” Sounds like a song to me!
  31. Deacon shouldn’t make a habit of calling out teenage girls. It usually doesn’t end well for him.
  32. Y’all, Maddie still has a poster of that Marcus guy in her room. Remember that guy? The one that tried to kiss Rayna, so Deacon proposed?
  33. Oh, Maddie! Don’t ask questions you don’t want answered.
  34. “Am I turning into a bitch?”
  35. “A little.”
  36. For a bitch, Maddie seems sincere with this Deacon apology.
  37. Juliette is going to walk again.
  38. Avery wants to have a DTR, Juliette isn’t interested.
  39. Montage time!
  40. Maddie offers an apology to YouTube girl and YouTube girl offers a high-five? Okay.
  41. Angel’s old car won’t start and we see that as we hear Juliette’s new song about prayer. BRILLIANT.
  42. Juliette, I believe you. You are on your way.