“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 12: Rayna is Really Dead, Scarlett Needs a Baby Daddy and Daphne Might Repeat 7th Grade

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Rayna James has officially left the building, er, city of “Nashville” and right now, more than just Daphne is missing her presence.

39 Thoughts on “Nashville” Season 5, Episode 12:

  1. Juliette’s gospel album release party did not go well. Avery wants Emily to find at least one good review, but the results are in– Juliette Barnes is “culturally tone deaf.”
  2. Deacon is super-brooding these days and he’s taken over Highway 65 Records, which means he sits in Rayna’s old office and stares at her Gold albums, as Silicon Valley tycoon Zack takes over in the label’s lone conference room.
  3. Deacon also has to be super dad right now. He has just learned that Daphne is going to fail 7th grade if she doesn’t get her ass into gear.
  4. Scarlett is pregnant! Gunnar took a DNA test! This is probably more bad news for Highway 65 Records.
  5. Deacon is totally convinced he can help Daphne pass 7th grade, but Daphne says it is “physically impossible to turn in homework every day.”
  6. Deacon needs to bring in reinforcements. He’s only 3 minutes into 7th grade and the drama is real.
  7. The pregnancy has really brought out Scarlett’s inner-performer, but she can’t eat?
  8. Gunnar and Scarlett are likely going to end up on an episode of “Maury,” and Maury will say, “Gunnar… you are NOT the father!”
  9. Zack and Will are officially a couple. So much so, that Will is nervous Zack will show up to his show in an “I love Will” t-shirt.
  10. Zack called Will a “dumbass” twice in less than 3 minutes. That’s a real relationship right there.
  11. Juliette is shifting her focus from her terrible album reviews to Maddie’s studio time.
  12. Why is Juliette the one delivering this news? Is she her producer?
  13. Deacon and Daphne’s history project does not look 7th grade level. And I don’t just mean their artwork.
  14. Daphne doesn’t care if she has to repeat 7th grade because she knows she could die at anytime. That is deep and she needs more than Deacon to talk to about this.
  15. Daphne dropped the project and ran away. This is not looking good for 7th grade graduation.
  16. Juliette is showing Avery what she would do to Maddie’s track. I have a feeling this will end poorly for Juliette, as Maddie will assume she is trying to change her song too much or something like that.
  17. Oh, great. Daphne met a bad kid on the street. Liv threw a bottle at a guy on the street.
  18. Liv is a part of an underground network of homeless people in Nashville, but she has a bed and can read Daphne’s fortune.
  19. Daphne, please don’t do this.
  20. What is this sing-along to the theme song from “Daria”? Is that still on? CMT and MTV are owned by the same company– crossover product placement!
  21. Zack is a real tech guy. He keeps saying “disruption.”
  22. Deacon has to leave his budding career as a label executive to find a missing Daphne. Luckily, Maddie found her at home.
  23. Daphne now knows that “some kids don’t even go to school” because she met that Liv person.
  24. Has there ever been a less-equipped person to deal with two grieving and angsty teenage girls than Deacon Claybourne. No. Not even close.
  25. Maddie does not like Juliette’s version of the song. Who didn’t see this coming?
  26. Will is loving his time on stage. Daphne hates it.
  27. Deacon finally took Daphne to a therapist. He does not believe that Daphne is depressed. Again. This guy needs help with these girls.
  28. Gunnar is not Scarlett’s baby daddy. He says it’s okay and “I still love you.”
  29. Gunnar heads to Avery to process his feelings on the baby daddy drama. Avery actually has pretty decent advice for Gunnar.
  30. Oh! Maddie still has that boyfriend. She’s playing all the different versions of the song for him. Clay thinks he knows which song belongs to Maddie, but turns out, Juliette knows what she’s doing.
  31. Deacon explains to Maddie that Daphne is “going through something.” LOL. Deacon! Come on.
  32. Maddie heads to the studio is listen to the song over and over and over again.
  33. Deacon meets up with Zack to discuss new ideas and firing Bucky. Ruh-roh.
  34. Juliette apologizes to Maddie and wants to back off. But, Maddie wants to use her version! Praise be!
  35. Gunnar is running in slow motion to tell Scarlett he wants to raise the baby with her.
  36. How far did Gunnar run you think? He can handle the pain, but he can’t handle the pain of losing Scarlett again.
  37. Scarlett agrees to try. But, she is not into it.
  38. Daphne has now yelled, “screw you!” at Deacon, but she knows that crossed a line. She’s ready to love again.
  39. Group hug.