“The Voice” Announces Its Comeback Artists And A Lot Of Fans Are Very Excited

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“The Voice” is giving a a few fan favorites a second chance at stardom in a new season. The four artists, who return seasoned from their stints on the show and time performing live since last season, are sure to heat up competition across the board. But country fans should be especially excited with the return of Natalie Stovall, a seasoned country veteran who was was shockingly eliminated last season.

Natalie Stovall (Team Blake), Karli Webster (Team Miley), Lucas Holliday (Team Jennifer) and Whitney Fenimore (Team Adam) bring a range of talent to the country-heavy season, but Stovall will make the most impact.

Stovall’s fans were disappointed (to say the least) last season when she was eliminated after singing an incredible version of “Boondocks”.

Look for her to make some waves in her triumphant return to Team Blake tonight (Nov. 13).