13 Scary Movies On Netflix To Watch On Friday The 13th


Another Friday the 13th is upon us and it is so close to Halloween, how could you not celebrate it with a little horror. Luckily, Netflix has a ton to offer in this department. We have whittled it down to 13 terrifying films that should fit anyone’s movie preferences and promise to haunt and terrify.

1. The Babadook

An evil spirit is unleashed after Amelia reads a scary story to her son. This will leave you breathless from screaming and is especially poignant for parents, capturing the feeling of doubt and dread when we feel anything less than unconditional love from our kids.

2. It Follows

One of the best horror movies of the decade. This indie film is lower budget than the rest but an absolute treat for any horror fan.

3. Sleepy Hollow

This more family friendly retelling of the headless horseman is still really creepy and has all of the haunted darkness the Tim Burton likes to put in his movies. Also, the cast is great.

4. The Shining

An absolute classic from Stanley Kubrick that is a real slow-burn scare as the lead character loses his mind. Fans think it’s really a confession about how Kubrick faked the moon landing. Whatever it’s really about, it’s pretty scary.

5. Black Mirror

This British anthology tells a new feature-length story in each episode that range from eerie to downright disturbing. If you just want something scary, go to “Playtest” (series 3 episode 2).

6. Hellraiser

A staple in the horror genre that covers everything from murder to interdimensional pain worshippers. It is not for the faint of heart.

7. Hush

A home invasion thriller with an interesting twist: the main character is deaf and mute. We often see and hear more than she does, which will make you scream at the TV, but it becomes truly terrifying when we are put into her perspective.

8. The Awakening

In 1921, a paranormal debunker goes to a boys boarding school that has reported ghost sightings. However, instead of smoke and mirrors, she finds an actual specter. This movie has more turns than a NASCAR race and is reminiscent of “The Sixth Sense” with it’s twist ending.

9. An American Werewolf In London

This horror/dark comedy is widely considered to be one of the best horror movies of all time and won the inaugural OSCAR for Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling. If the images of David’s transformation into a werewolf don’t haunt you, I don’t know what will.

10. The Invitation

Probably best defined as a slasher film, “The Invitation” centers around dinner party of old friends before exploding into a violent climax. It walks the line between supernatural horror and drama and is completely unexpected.

11. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

A genuinely terrifying relaunching of Wes Craven’s campy horror characters. It breathed new life into the series and will leave you afraid to go to sleep.

12. The Sixth Sense

M Night Shyamalan’s classic with one of the best twist endings in film history. Seriously, I can’t say too much about this because I don’t want to ruin it, but it’s incredible.

13. Ravenous

Imagine “Dances With Wolves” but with cannibals who are trying to become mini gods. Yeah. It’s a pretty incredible bit of horror comedy.