New Chipotle Ad Features a GRAMMY Winner and GRAMMY Nominee Covering the Backstreet Boys (And Singing About Burritos, I Think)


I’m literally the one person on this Earth completely unimpressed by Chipotle. Maybe I just have really high standards for everything, so it’s assumed every restaurant should offer me nutritional food with humane animal treatment on the side. Or maybe I don’t really care about nutrition or chickens grown in test tubes. Either way, Chipotle is still a fast-casual food chain that serves burritos and burritos in bowls. They also say, “that cost extra” when you want guacamole.

But, they also produce amazing commercials, their most recent featuring Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Both groups were nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards and now they’re covering the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” for a burrito chain currently experiencing some trouble because they may or may not be serving up hepatitis, norovirus and E. coli with those burritos.

As a person who doesn’t care about salt or “food with integrity,” (literally have no idea what that means) I do care about great music and one of the defining songs of my teenage years, “I Want It That Way.” Now, I care about those burritos. Or I at least care about this commercial, though it’s a bit over-the-top and is legitimately a couple who starts a juice business (that’s a thing) and then the couple gets greedy or something and now they have a taco truck.

I don’t know, I was listening to these insanely talented artists cover the insanely loveable (using that term loosely here) Backstreet Boys.

Watch out, E. coli, Chipotle is fighting back with one of America’s greatest untapped assets– the boy band cover song.

You’ll recall Willie Nelson covered Coldplay in 2011 for the chain.