New Kids on the Block Performed on “The Late Late Show” and We Should Talk About It

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I was a teenage girl at the height of the boy band craze in the late ’90s and early 2000s. But, no matter how hard I tried I could never get on bored with the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC or even 98 Degrees, because my heart already knew the truth– New Kids on the Block were the greatest boy band of all-time.

To prove their greatness and relevance, NKOTB took to the “Late Late Show” to do the damn thing and that’s what they did.

These guys are still so cool that part of their choreography involves putting one hand in their respective pockets and walk two steps. This is the point in the show where someone from *NSYNC or BSB would do a backflip.

Not these guys. They’re the real OGs.


I don’t think Danny Wood actually did any singing, but he was committed to at least getting in formation and you know what? That’s all you need sometimes.