7 New Kids on the Block Videos You Should Watch Right Now

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Long before Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter took over the heart of every girl in the world in the late ’90s and early aughts, the New Kids on the Block had the rightest, right stuff. Without NKOTB there would be no Backstreet Boys, no dirty pop and the temperature would’ve never hit 98 Degrees.

The New Kids on the Block are still touring, still dancing and still releasing new music. But, really– the old stuff holds up. Time and time again.

7 New Kids on the Block Videos You Should Watch Right Now:

1. “(You Got It) The Right Stuff”

The boys borrowed their most hallowed dance move from Morris Day and The Time, but it doesn’t matter where it came from– still works.

Also, they seem to be riding around some pretty shady neighborhoods in this video. The dance number is definitely performed in an abandoned house.

2. “Hangin’ Tough”

The best part of this song and video is that the first line literally compels you to “get on the floor and do the New Kids dance.” But, then, they also let you know that even if you can’t keep a beat they’re going to “put you in a trance with a funky song.”

3. “Step By Step”

Creativity abounds on this one. The guys show off their dance moves on a rickety staircase shot in black and white, before bringing the heat in color. The new stage is a little “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” meets Robert Palmer, but it really starts to work when everyone gets their shot in the spotlight with the Beyonce fan, that would’ve just been called a “large fan” back in the day.

4. “Tonight”

Arguably, the best NKOTB song, the video harkens to some favorite themes from the guys– black and white, Donnie on a motorcycle, an abandoned building and dance solos.

This video was released in 1990 and brand new technology must’ve been out because the colors are really bright, until they switch to black and white.

5. “I’ll Be Loving You Forever”

The boys get real with this one as they walk across a bridge to meet a few fans before heading to a middle school gym for a performance. An abandoned middle school gym. They also find some time to shoot some hoops in between serenades.

6. “Please Don’t Go Girl”

If you want to be confused, but fall in love, watch this one carefully.

We start with Danny saying goodbye to his mother, but maybe girlfriend. His speaking part is a little Yahoo! chat room-ish, “Do you have to leave, I just can’t live without you,” he whispers to his mom/girlfriend.

But, then– Joey and Jordan show up with flowers and might also be in love with Danny’s mom.

The guys shoot some hoops and the mom/girlfriend is there, but it might be a flashback.

Also, Danny sits on the couch with mom/girlfriend a lot and whispers to her.

7. “Cover Girl”

The physicality of this one is impressive. The guys are a little older, so their dance moves start to involve a lot of hip thrusts.