Nick Jonas Thinks You Should Adopt A Puppy For Christmas And We Couldn’t Agree More


TV commercials would have you think a Lexus is the best Christmas gift you could buy. False. Who does that? The best Christmas gift is a rescue puppy. You are saving their lives and bringing year-round joy into your house. Nick Jonas, Shania Twain’s Christmas duet partner, showed up on “The Late Show”to spread that truth: you don’t need a car with a bow on it, you need a puppy.

These pups weren’t your run-of-the-mill pups. They each had hidden talents. There was:

  • Jack, the hound mixologist
  • Rocky, the lottery millionaire
  • Logan, the hot yoga instructor
  • Minnie, who loves you
  • Lucy, the political activist
  • Vixen, the potential getaway driver
  • Kringle, the magnificent sword fighter
  • Noelle, who saved JJ Abrams life

Should you get a car this Christmas? No way! Go to your local shelter and get a puppy. It is the guaranteed way to make the season merry and bright.