Nicole Kidman Has Seen Scripts for “Big Little Lies” Season 2, But That’s All She Will Say (Kind Of)


HBO’s “Big Little Lies” was such a monstrous success, fans and critics literally begged for a second and they got it. After racking up 14 EMMY nominations, four Golden Globe nominations and two SAG nominations, it was hard to deny a second season. But, since the show was based on a book and meant to be one season, what in the world could happen next?

Nicole Kidman confirmed at the SAG Awards that she has seen scripts for the second season, but that’s about it, “I will say that we’re incredibly grateful to the audiences, and also the press and the critics that have gone and supported this show beyond what we ever expected, and to then will a second season into fruition—it’s amazing. Because this was not expected. We weren’t going to do it. It was a limited series, a one-off and through the actual just people really wanting it we said, ‘Ok let’s see what we can do.’ And I’m so glad that people wanted it, because the stories are so rich and deep.”