Nine Country Love Songs that Might be About Pickup Trucks

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Ever been listening to a country music song about life and love that makes you feel giddy and then suddenly, you start listening a little closer and you figure out you might be listening to a song about… a truck? Or is about love? Or a woman? Or a cowboy?

Here are our favorite country music love songs that mention pickup trucks or may actually be about a pickup truck.

Take A Little Ride // Jason Aldean

At first, you think this guy is really excited to pick up his girl for a date, but no. He’s just ready to ride in his Chevy (ride in his Chevy). Priorities.

Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck // Kip Moore

This one isn’t all that confusing. There’s somethin’ ‘bout a truck to this guy, there’s also something about beer, a girl and a field. However, he mentions the truck and beer way before the girl.

Pickup Man // Joe Diffee

Definitely about a truck. Definitely. He loves his truck so much he spends his Friday nights in the bed of his truck. Naturally.

Next To You, Next To Me // Shenandoah

Ain’t no place to be, unless it’s not next to your love in your pickup truck.

How Country Feels // Randy Houser

Oh, wow. This guy is very upfront about what he wants to do in his pickup truck with his girl. So romantic. Hope there’s a blanket or something.

Eight Second Ride // Jake Owen

I’m convinced that this guy wouldn’t be able to pick up any ladies without his truck. It’s the only reason the girl in this song wants to leave with him. : (

I Want A Cowboy // Reba McEntire

Reba don’t want a man in a Honda. She wants a cowboy in a pickup truck. Noted.

Suds in the Bucket // Sara Evans

This guy’s truck was so incredible that baby girl left her clothes on the line and barely told her parents goodbye. They drove the truck all the way down a Vegas wedding aisle. That’s some truck. I bet the gas mileage was terrible.

You Win my Love // Shania Twain

Oh, a girl confused about what she wants. Shocking. Does she want a truck or a Cadillac or both?