First All-Female “Ocean’s 8” Trailer is Here and Looks Even Better Than Imagined


I don’t know what happened to Danny Ocean, but after meeting Debbie Ocean, I don’t really care.

The first trailer for the all-female, “Ocean’s 8” led by Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett is here and it’s even better than we were hoping for.

Bullock is Ocean, Blanchett is her Matt Damon type buddy. Mindy Kaling joins them as a jewelry expert living with her mother, Sarah Paulson is a mom in the ‘burbs ready to do some dirty work, Rihanna is around and Anne Hathaway is the target of the group’s heist.

Even better? The heist is set to take place on the first Monday in May, or as pop culture aficionados know– the Met Gala.

Most of the project has been pretty under wraps, but Bullock did tell Entertainment Weekly, “I mean, I feel like we’re a Marvel film and we’re trying to at least let there be some surprises when the film comes out. Yes, I am Danny Ocean’s sister. I’ve been incarcerated for about five years and you find out why during the course of the film. I mean, that’s sort of a tiny subplot. But that’s, you know, but I’m definitely his sister and we definitely come from the same family and we’re both very good at what we do in our own special way. So you can only imagine that once I get out, that’s when the heist ensues.”

And what was it like to work with an all-female cast like this, “There was nothing, because I think because of the unique situation of this and because we all are trying to achieve the same thing, we bonded pretty quickly out of necessity and just because we like each other. We all were able to fit in this trailer while we were getting fluffed and folded, and share information. I don’t know how to do this, where did you do this? Oh my God, my son needs a uniform. Oh my God, I have this great website. What do you do in this work situation? How are you internet managing? For the first time in my life I felt there was a sharing of all this information. We all looked at each other and went, why didn’t we know these things before?”

“Ocean’s 8” is set to release on June 8, 2018.