The Kid Who Tried To Lick The Camera Is Our Favorite Person At the Olympics Right Now


Kids are the best. To them, the world is all bright and fresh and new, so they simply react to it. No one has told them what is “appropriate” so we they simply act as themselves. Take, for example, the kid who tried to lick the camera during the Winter Olympics. Most people would just smile, but this character went full “Christmas Story” and won the internet.

The Olympic Comittee should give a medal for this kind of enthusiasm.

“Is that a camera?”

BOOM! He’s there, frozen in a pose he didn’t think through.

It’s 15 degrees in PyeongChang and this kid is waiting for something to fly into his mouth.

Sorry Mom, this is happening!

Then he knew what he had to do. He had to lick the camera.

Yes, that is why he chose this pose. Or did destiny choose it for him. The eternal waves of time pressed by an ancient unseen hand had shaped the forces of the world for this very moment. This future hung in this moment, waiting for him to make his move.

He made his move. Why, we may never know.

Perhaps love, perhaps as a political statement. Maybe he was just hungry. Who can say?

But where one child is removed, two more emerge to take its place.

They’re like a Hydra, cut one down and more will emerge.

Will the children of South Korea take to licking cameras as American adults have taken to eating Tide Pods? Only time will tell.