Our 10 Burning Questions About Ivanka’s Odd Tweet


Ivanka Trump recently tweeted an adorable picture of her and her infant nephew, Luke. That’s fine. It’s cute. It’s great. Whatever. But her caption is a little more than confusing.

“Cuddling my little nephew Luke… the best part of an otherwise incredible day!”

Oh, that’s so– OTHERWISE!?

Could it be a typo? Maybe, but she has well managed and precise public image and the fact that the tweet has remained active suggests she meant the caption.

My questions:

1. Does she know that sentence makes no sense?

It’s not a real, structurally coherent phrase. So, it’s probably a typo, but let’s have some fun.

2. So, the baby was the best low point?

I think that’s what she is saying.

She also ate a delicious lunch, helped an old lady cross the road, fed and clothed a homeless family, and helped educate young women in rural Siam. Otherwise, the day was great.

3. Does Ivanka know what otherwise means?

Surely she does, right? Otherwise, no. (Is that right?)

4. Does she not like this baby?

Did someone force her to hold this baby!? What kind of thoughtful, peaceful, kind person would do such a thing?

5. Is this a new kind of domestic terror?


“But, I ca-…”


“Oh, God, please no! My arms are made of pixie sticks!”

“Then sit down and cradle him in your lap. Now, smile for a picture.”

6. Is this a dig at her sibling?

No, no, really I was having an incredible day until I held your baby.

7. Ivanka’s hair blends in with the background.

​Not a question, just an observation. Is that blonde marble?

The Trump design aesthetic is the Unicorn Frappuccino of luxury styles. Roman Emperors would be offended by the amount of marble and gold in those rooms.

8. Is there a chance that her nephew is un-incredible?

What if he is super rude and spit up on her on purpose. Maybe he laughed about it then demanded a small loan of $1,000,000. Maybe he has no manners. Is that possible?

9. Is it Ivanka Kushner?

It doesn’t matter but I’ve never been clear on this.

10. How does the baby look more like Trump than any of the Trump children?

But seriously, look at that kid: the fine golden hair, the pouty lips, the unusual hand gesture. It’s all there.