A Rare Look At An Empty Oval Office Reveals Hidden Beauty

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Most of the images we have of the Oval Office come from television, in which the room is packed with furniture, aides, and generals all vying for the President’s attention. In general, our perception matches the real Oval Office. But have you ever wondered what it would look like empty? President Trump is currently remodeling his Oval Office and has pulled everything out of the room including the Presidential rug to reveal a hidden beauty we never get to see.

Underneath the Presidential rug is a beautiful parquet hardwood floor alternating between light and dark woods that find their epicenter in the center of the Oval Office. The imagery and symbolism are striking.

I feel like we are on a national version of a HGTV show and just found pristine floors under old carpet. I know that we need the Presidential seal in the Oval, but why are we hiding those floors?

Other than the President’s Resolute Desk, all of the furniture, wallpaper, decor, and even the great oval rug emblazoned with the Presidential seal change under each administration to fit the President’s needs, personality, and hopes for his term. I hope someone lets that hardwood shine soon.