Winter Olympics Are Just Around The Corner So Let’s Revisit The Time P-Diddy Curled For a Liquor Ad


The Winter Olympics are just around the corner (just two months away) so, of course, we are reliving some of our favorite moments before the games begin. One of the best, and most unexpected Winter Olympic moments came from a Ciroc ad in which P Diddy/Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/Diddy/Puff curled, sliding down the ice to lay a perfect stone.

To be fair, the ad isn’t real. Puff had his face green-screened onto an actual curler. But that makes it funnier, in my opinion, that he wouldn’t even try to curl.

The ad which aired in 2012, has recently made it back around the internet and caught the attention of NFL tight end Vernon Davis, who was the honorary captain of the USA curling team in 2014. He is currently the highest profile ambassador of the sport nationwide.

“Hey @diddy I see you caught the curling bug,” He posted to his Instagram. “If you ever need lessons from a seasoned veteran, holla at your boy 85!”