Pat Green and Lyle Lovett: Girls From Texas


Pat Green has a special place in his heart for “Girls From Texas,” so much so he teamed up with Lyle Lovett for a new single all about girls, mostly ones from Texas.

One would assume this new single is the start of a new album from Green, who last released an album in 2011, but he’s not revealing too many details about that.

The tune sounds a lot like Randy Newman and Lovett, compared to Green’s usual fare of alternative-Texas Country. He does well with this venture into mild-mannered, easy-going music. You can listen to this as enjoyable background music or even use it as a geography lesson!

If you aren’t a girl from Texas or partial to girls from Texas, you’ll be excited to hear mention of girls from just about every state you can think of, including: sweeter than peaches girls from Georgia, Minnesota gals in sweaters, all them Delta queens from Mississippi, Arkansas girls with Southern drawls and sexy girls from New Mexico.

But, yes, “the girls from Texas are just so much better,” and Green even implores the men listening to find a Texas girl and “get ‘er.”

Image Source: PR Photos