The Internet Loved The Selfie Teen Who Was On His Phone When Justin Timberlake Was Dancing Next To Him


The most iconic shot of the Super Bowl was not on the field. It was in the stands. As Justin Timberlake ran into the stands during his halftime performance the camera caught a teenager glued to his phone was JT sang right next to him. The kid was on TV in front of 130 million people and was too busy to look up. He quickly became the funniest meme of the night.

Here he is, in all of his teenage awkwardness.

He wants to be cool, but, man, he is just so excited. He quickly became a meme, because this is the internet.

1. Uh, who dis?

But seriously, do these kids know?

2. Because no one wants to look dumb.

3. ​Actual fear.

4. But he got the shot.

5. Personally, I’m not concerned about the kid. I just need to know why this dude is filming it all on two phones.

Apparently he is former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell. Why do you need to film this on two phones, though? You’re on TV!