Playlist: 10 Best Angry Breakup Songs


We’ve all been there. Freshly broken up with, box of old t-shirts in hand, walking away from a relationship that was so awful that it would inspire the likes of Taylor Swift to write an entire album based off of one bad fight alone. First is denial, then eating cream cheese frosting straight out of the can, and then this playlist. Once you get really angry, there’s no going back (until you “accidentally” text him at like, 3a.m. There’s another feeling there that I’m not sure how to put into words).

1. Little Big Town // Tornado

A metaphor at its finest! Little Big Town wins again with this tune. Once you’ve been dumped, there’s not really another weather pattern you can be compared to, unless it’s a nor’easter.

2. The Civil Wars // The One That Got Away

The Civil Wars is a great band to listen to anytime, but especially when you’re really sad. The melancholy voices of John Paul White and Joy Williams are enough to make you feel something, but when you factor in the backstory of the band, it makes it that much worse (better?) Crack open a bottle of Pinot whenever this song plays.

3. The Band Perry // Chainsaw

The newest single from The Band Perry. Let’s be honest, we’re all obsessed with it.  Sometimes I feel like taking a chainsaw to not only a tree with my former beloved’s initials on it, but maybe even the crappy apartment he lives in as well.

4. Miranda Lambert // Mama’s Broken Heart

This is one of my favorite Miranda tunes not only because it reeks of hot-pink country girl power, but because of the video, and the lyrics, and the fact it was co-written by Kacey Musgraves. A must-have for this playlist.

5. Kacey Musgraves // Keep It To Yourself

Obviously we don’t go through breakups and just go cold turkey. This is a song to listen to when you get a slew of texts at 4:30 am from the ex-boyfriend. Keep it to yourself.

6. Cassadee Pope // Wasting All These Tears

Cassadee Pope is a former Voice contestant, but that doesn’t stop her from fitting in with the established stars of Nashville. Her first single is perfect for this playlist- who wants to waste all these tears on some loser?

7. Maggie Rose // Looking Back Now

I just discovered Maggie Rose recently have been loving her album, Cut To Impress. This song is about when you do wrong by the wrong girl.

8. Lady Antebellum // It Ain’t Pretty

This is when the pain hits. We all know that feeling of going out the first time after being dumped. It’s usually not pretty. Lady A hits the nail on top of the head here.

9. Taylor Swift // We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

How can we have this playlist without this song?! It would be a crime. Honestly, I like to blast this over and over again on a Friday night outside the local bar my ex frequents. I call it Swifting. That’s not creepy, right?

10. Pistol Annies // Hell On Heels

Finally the ladies of Pistol Annies let us know what it’s like after a breakup to sell your soul to the dark lords and become Hell On Heels to any man that tries to break your heart. A perfect ending to this playlist.