This “Price Is Right” Contestant Set a New Plinko Record and Totally Lost His Mind


“The Price is Right” is a very special show for a lot of people. For me, it was what my brother and I watched every day in the summer after we had watched “SportsCenter” two times in a row. From there, we’d switch over to something like “Jerry Springer” while we waited on the local news and “Days of Our Lives.”

Ryan has even stronger feelings about the show than any other person in human history.

Ryan made his way to the Plinko board by first screaming, “$1!” at Drew Carey louder than any contestant in history. When Ryan won the initial challenge and found out he was going to get to play Plinko, the ultimate “Price is Right” game– he took a lap around the audience.

When he won all five Pinko chips, he hugged the model so hard, that I thought he’d get served a restraining order.

Ryan’s first chip landed on $10,000. So did his third chip. And his fifth. In total, Ryan won $31,500. It’s the most money any contestant has ever won playing the game. It’s also the most screaming anyone has ever done.

This is daytime television at its absolute best.