This Rachael Ray Superfan Made a Guitar Out of One of Her Frying Pans and Got To Play It On Her Show


You might love Rachael Ray, but not as much as this guy!

Terry Johnson from Central New York submitted a video to Rachael Ray showing her a guitar he crafted out of one of her signature frying pans. After trying out several pans (yes, really), he found the perfect one that worked: her non-stick, refined pan. Oh, and he calls it, “EVOO.”

She invited him on the “Rachael Ray Show” so he could show off the guitar and play it for everyone– and it actually sounded great. He said he built it in a way that you can’t mess up playing it because he wanted his granddaughter to be able to learn to play. He designed a guitar that has 3 strings and 9 frets, so you can’t make any mistakes.

Check it out below– and we’ll be patiently waiting to see if Rachael starts selling them.