Rachel Bilson is Ready to Move from “The O.C.” to “Nashville” (And She Thinks RocketDog Flip-Flops Should Stay in the Early 2000s)


After the death of Queen Rayna on “Nashville,” Deacon Claybourne and Silicon Valley techie Zach Welles have been in desperate need of help at Highway 65 Records. Since Zach is a brilliant billionaire, he brilliantly decided to bring in Summer Roberts from “The O.C.” to rejoin her old pal Luke down South. Except, her real name is Rachel Bilson and she’s not Summer, she’s Alyssa Greene.

As someone who watched “The O.C.” in its prime and more than once on Hulu, it’s going to be impossible to think of Rachel not playing Summer. Partly because she hasn’t done a ton (sorry, never watched “Hart of Dixie”) since the leaving Southern California in 2007 and partly because Summer would probably be a great marketing person for a record label.

Rachel has experience with a major character’s death on a show, so she understands this whole Rayna thing. Rachel says there are a lot of different layers to her character and she doesn’t get the warmest welcome– kind of like Ryan’s welcome on “The O.C.” from Will Lexington/Luke/Chris Carmack.

Rachel shared that she hadn’t seen Chris in several years, “I hadn’t seen him in, probably, 12 years. He’s just the nicest guy and it was like no time has passed,” Bilson said. “[We reminisced] a little, but he has a new baby now, so it was mostly talking about kids’ stuff.”

And though she’s been reunited with an old Newport Harbor pal, a full reunion probably isn’t in the works. Rachel shared with Build that that book is probably closed for good, “”I think that Josh let that book close. We leave it where it is. Sometimes when you bring [shows] back maybe you’ll be disappointed and maybe it won’t be what you’re expecting. You can still have that nostalgic feeling toward the thing you like so much.”

Nostalgic towards everything but the fashion, “RocketDog flip-flops and denim skirts should stay in the early 2000s and never return.”