Rayna James Is Full of Parenting Advice

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I’m not a parent, but ever since “Nashville” premiered 2 years ago, I’ve been heeding the parenting advice of one, Rayna James. Sure, she’s gotten herself into more than one mess, but it’s hard to be a role model, mentor, mother and major recording artist.

There’s a lot of parenting wisdom coming from Rayna James, here’s just a few insights:

Put Your Wants Aside

Even if you’re involved in some kind of crazy love-square or pentagon or triangle, if your daughter wants her biological father to join the family on stage for a performance, take one for the team and make it happen.

Be Honest, Always

Sometimes, the old saying of, “don’t be a liar,” comes in really handy– especially when you’re trying to be a parent. If you are hiding the identity of your child’s father from him or her, maybe don’t. Learn from Rayna’s mistakes.

Forgive Others

Every now and then, you need to bury the hatchet with an enemy. It’s good to teach your kids to makes your enemies your frenemies! Record a hit song with them and give some motherly advice on the way. Rayna has this one down.

Monitor Their Internet Activity

You should definitely know what your kids are posting online, especially if it’s a hit song! Also, you should let your kids know to NEVER read the comments on the internet.

Let ‘Em Sing

If all else fails, let your kids sing! It seems to make a lot of Rayna’s kids problems better.

So much wisdom.

Image Source: YouTube