Redneck Riviera and a Nashville Palace: Reasons to Love John Rich


Redneck Riviera, USA– Country music artist John Rich might be the busiest man in Nashville. He’s got a solo career, he’s half of the duo Big & Rich, and the man won season 11 of Celebrity Apprentice. Trump is no easy boss so we know the mind of a mogul is under that big hat. Rich is also a producer and songwriter (aka hit-maker) for many other artists.

However, even with all that going on, this guy needs another outlet for his creativity. Just this week John Rich announced the launch of Redneck Riveria, a lifestyle brand carrying everything from t-shirts and koozies to sunscreen and whiskey. (That’s not a cocktail recipe, by the way.)

Redneck Riviera is more than a brand. According to Rich, it’s a way of life, representing and made for people who work hard and play harder. Redneck Riviera is not just about a stretch of beach. Rich’s brainchild is a state of mind. Wherever America goes to get its redneck on, Redneck Riviera will be there to help.

A team from Country Outfitter recently spent some time at Rich’s awesomely over-the-top Nashville home, aka Mt. Richmore. This is the view rolling up to the gate just before sunset. How cool was it that Rich himself answered the call and showed us where to park? Pretty cool.

Because we are boot people, we had to get a shot of this flower arrangement inside the elevator– the red-tufted-velvet-on-the-wall elevator. No artificial flowers in Nashville’s finest. These flowers are fresh. I know because I smelled them.

This is the view from the mezzanine in the club inside Mt. Richmore. What? Your home has no mezzanine? Bummer.

I’m not sure if club is the right word for a floor inside a private residence, but what else should we call a space that has a fully stocked FULL-sized bar, a stage, and a dance floor. When John Rich goes upstairs, he is literally ‘up in the club.’ And on that mezzanine is everything you’d need to record to musical magic going on down below.

See the disco ball? It’s a saddle. This image is fuzzy because I took the it on my phone, but we had to show you. Because who has one of these? This one came from the World Famous Gilly’s, the undisputed champion of country nightclubs. Gilley’s Night Club, owned by country singer Mickey Gilley, actually existed in Pasadena, Texas before it was featured in the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta.

All that to say, we kind of need a disco ball in the lunch room now. And please, if you have unique disco balls hanging in your home, send us pictures. The world needs more disco balls.

Because I was the only lady in the group, Rich took a moment to show me something really special. This guitar-themed toilet in the ladies room. (Yes, it’s his house, but remember we were ‘up in the club,’ which is complete with gender-appropriate public restrooms for those busy nights.)

I really, really, really hope to have the chance to use those facilities someday while just outside the closed stall door the cast of Nashville lingers over a Moscow Mule, or whatever. Whether it’s a post-FanFest BBQ or an all-nighter after the CMAs Mt. Richmore is host to some serious Nashville parties.

In case you thought we were exaggerating about the scale of the place, here’s a panoramic view from the club level. You can barely make out the lights through the window, so you’ll have to take our word for it: John Rich must have the best view in Nashville, of Nashville.

Stay tuned for more information about Redneck Riviera and whatever else John Rich dreams up. We have a feeling it’ll be fun.

Image Source: Marco Sagliocco / PR Photos; Country Outfitter