Ree Drummond Shared The Cutest Message About Her Husband, and Said She Likes To “Think About His Wranglers”


As if I needed more reason to love Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman recently took to her blog to share a post titled, “This Isn’t a Post About Marlboro Man and Me,” “Marlboro Man” being what she refers to her husband Ladd as.

In the post, she shared that she’s currently on her cookbook tour, and she scheduled it so she wouldn’t ever have to be away from home for more than two days a week because she has kids, a husband, and well, a life at home that she doesn’t want to be away from. She then went on to talk about her sweet hubby:

“After 20-plus years of marriage, I have seen (lately more than ever) that Marlboro Man’s love language is most definitely Acts of Service. Do you know about the five love languages? I haven’t read the book, but I know what the five languages are just from hearing about them here and there. And I know that helping, assisting, anticipating need—aka, Acts of Service—that’s how Marlboro Man shows his love to me,” she said.

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I like him.

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She went on to say that she thinks something “mystical” happens after you’ve been married for 20-plus years.

“Maybe when a couple has been together 20-plus years, their souls are just connected in a mystical sense. Or maybe if I’m getting ready to enter a danger zone of being too busy or pooped or whatever other danger zone I might get into, I emit some kind of alarm pheromone that he is programmed to pick up on since we’ve been together so long and our biology is linked. If my children read that, they would die.”


“As you can see, I like to try to figure out the primal reason for things. I also try to figure out the spiritual reason for things. I also try to figure why I like to think about his Wranglers…”

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Oh hello, Deere.

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Fair enough, Ree.