Reese Witherspoon Answered 73 Questions About Herself While Giving A Tour Of Her Amazing Southern-Styled Home

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Look, you can find a million interviews asking Reese Witherspoon the same thing over and over again. They’re interesting enough, but there’s nothing really new there. Sure, she loves Nashville, she’s a mega movie star and she’s an all-around amazing woman. But what about those little questions that we would all want to ask if we had the chance?

What is her favorite country to visit? Her least favorite food? If there were a yearbook for Hollywood what would she be named? She answers them all while serving up her grandmother’s favorite tea.


What is her spirit animal? A hummingbird/squirrel, of course.

With 73 questions, there sure is a lot to learn about Reese, including the biggest surprise she’s ever had, the cutest thing on planet earth, and her desire to moonlight as a pediatric cardiologist.

And you get to see her house. It is a stunner.