Ellen Found Out The Hard Way That Tim Riggins Should Not Play Quarterback


Tim Riggins was the best high school fullback in the state of Texas at one point in time. Well, sort of. He was the best fictional small town Texas football player, with a serious drinking problem, for the time in which “Friday Night Lights” aired.

Riggins was so good on the show that at one point, the University of Oklahoma Sooners sent him a letter. He ended up taking a scholarship to a fictional school to play football, but dropped out pretty quickly.

Taylor Kitsch who played Riggins, may not be an actual RB or even a football player, but Ellen thought he should pretend to be a quarterback for charity. It was not a great idea.

Every time Kitsch hit the target, Ulta Beauty would donate $1,000 to breast cancer research.

“This is no joke, by the way,” said a visibly nervous Kitsch. Yeah, he’s not a QB, and those are some tough throws. Even in the Wildcat formation you never ask a RB to throw. That’s foolish. Ellen found that out the hard way.

This is the Riggins we remember:



And here’s Tim/Taylor now:

Also, this is an actor doing an athletic challenge.

The one time he scored was when he ran the ball to the target.

Go figure.

Ultimately, Kitsch started hitting the target and Ellen rounded his effort up to a $10,000 donation to breast cancer research.

The moral: clear eyes, full hearts, and always stay in your lane.