Rob Lowe’s Ghost Hunting Sons Play A Game On Television


Rob Lowe has two sons. His sons like to hunt ghosts. Rob Lowe made a show about ghost hunting with his sons called “The Lowe Files”, a show described as “Scooby Doo meets the X-Files.” What a time to be alive.

Lowe was once one of the top leading men in Hollywood. For my money, he still could be. But he has chosen to spend time with his family solving alien mysteries with a big dog, I assume. Look, this may just be a way to help his sons break into the media landscape, it could be an excuse to spend more time at home, or it could be a legitimate thing Lowe has always wanted to do.

Hey may, you do you. We, the people, will probably watch it.

They decided to play a “Best Son” challenge on late night TV, because every ghost hunting son really needs one thing: to compete for their father’s love.

The huge selling point of the show is an alleged encounter with a “wood ape” aka Ozark Bigfoot. The story is c-r-a-z-y if true, but since this is cable TV, you can bet that there will be no footage of the event.