Rob Lowe Wants You To Watch Him Hunt For Ozark Bigfoot On “The Lowe Files”


There’s nothing like a good campfire story. Being scared stiff by stories of things that creep in the night while huddled around the only light you can see is almost a rite of passage. For Rob Lowe and his sons, it was something more. Lowe and his two sons bonded over those tales and now are headed on the road with A&E to find out the truth behind the legends on “The Lowe Files”.

Lowe, who recently played Astronaut Colonel Sanders is currently made a series of unfortunate roles choices.

To a degree, I understand why he would want to do a ghost-hunter show like this. It is easy work that allows him to spend quality time with his boys. It’s kind of a no brainer. But hunting for Bigfoot and ghosts on A&E? It isn’t even the real Bigfoot either; it’s Ozark version of the Sasquatch called the “wood ape”. I have live in the Ozarks my whole life and never heard of the wood ape. In an interview with EW, Lowe claims that they not only found the ape, but thought it was going to kill him.

“I’m fully aware that I sound like a crazy, Hollywood kook right now… I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed.”

He didn’t want to give too much away because the wood ape doesn’t appear until the season finale. Lowe went on to talk about how the the journey of searching for the unknown is as much fun as the destination, which means they found nothing but have some great family stories.

Rob Lowe, you were on “The West Wing”! What are you doing?

“The Lowe Files” premiers August 2 on A&E.