Finally, Rob Lowe Comes Clean About His New Ghost Hunting Show


Dear world, it is time you released your collective sigh of relief. Your most beloved actor has not gone off the rails. The man who promised to send Chicken to space– the proverbial JFK of KFC— has finally stopped overselling his new show “The Lowe Files” and admitted it was all a ploy to spend time with his sons. Oddly enough, this makes his Scooby-Doo/”Parts Unknown”/ “X-Files” family show more appealing.

“Is having a TV show the only way to get boys that age to hang out with you?” Seth Meyers asked on “Late Night With Seth Meyers. “Yes, it’s the only way,” Lowe responded. His sons are in college and Law School (to be Grinder Jr., I assume), and Lowe has a busy schedule as an actor. Having a TV show is actually a great excuse to hang out and make memories.

Lowe has changed his tone after the fallout of Shark Racegate, when fans fumed over Michael Phelps not racing against a wild Great White shark, a creature known for it’s scheming and cheating in races with Olympic superstars. People want honesty, which Lowe gave them. “I gotta be careful not to oversell anything,” he said. “Nothing in the show is staged…In some shows we find absolutely nothing, literally.”

This pivot changes the focus of the show from batty ghost hunting to watching a star and his family reality show, scare each other and goofing off. Honestly, it sounds better without the paranormal pretext.

Don’t fret, America, Rob Lowe has not left you.