Robert Irwin Returns To Terrify Jimmy Fallon With More Exotic Animals On “The Tonight Show”


Robert Irwin, Prince of the Animal Kingdom, returned to “The Tonight Show” and brought with him a gaggle of exotic animals. The kid is relaxed and comfortable around crocodiles, so animals that make lions afraid don’t bother him. Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, wasn’t very comfortable even with the more adorable baby animals.

Sometimes kids pretend to be adults but only succeed in showing their immaturity. Irwin is an adult–an adult who can’t shave yet. He has stepped into his father’s shoes and is well on his way to filling them. He started the segment talking about his conservation and research efforts and promised to name a crocodile after Jimmy.

Then Irwin started to bring out the animals and Fallon’s reactions were amazing.

1. Genuine surprise

2. When you realize that baby badger can back down a lion

3. When it’s moving, IT’S MOVING, ‘SMOVING!!

4. When you are bonding with an animal on a deep subconscious level

5. I mean, c’mon

6. The moment Jimmy knew he had was in too deep