TV Dad Ray Romano Embarrasses His Real Son On TV, Is Father Of The Year


Look fellas, if Mom ain’t happy, no one is happy. Ray Romano knows that. Heck, he built a whole show around it. But the man also practices what he preaches and his wife wants grandchildren. So what should he do, since his boys are dragging their feet? Like any good father he decided to embarrass the hell out of his son on live TV begging the women of America to date him.

Matt Romano works for Jimmy Kimmel, who was all too happy to bring Matt onstage. Ray then began to tell the women of America why they should date his son:

  • He can smile
  • He can say “Hi”
  • He’s a good kid
  • He’s a good listener
  • He’s had all of his shots
  • He may or may not understand Spanish
  • He’s a identical twin so you’ll always have a backup

They then threw Matt’s number on the screen for anyone to call in. Dad loved it. The embarrassment was palpable.

    This is a Father’s dream: motivating your son, praising his strengths, and getting him back for all those times he was an unbearable teenager. Ray Romano, the fathers of the world salute you.