Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Stars In The Anti-Shark Tank “Rooster & Butch”


If you took Matthew McConaughey and rolled him in the West Texas dirt, amplified his accent, and made him an oil tycoon you would get his brother, Rooster. You may have never heard of him or his business partner Butch Gilliam, but the two are looking to mix things up on TV with their Anti-“Shark Tank”, “Rooster & Butch.”

The West Texas duo is out to prove that success is not measured by wealth and that it’s a lot more fun to drink beer than listen to a rehearsed pitch.

“Thanks to television and movies, these entrepreneurs have got this idea of what business should be,” Rooster said in a recently released clip. “They’re prepared to give this PowerPoint presentation and blow smoke up our ass. What we’re gonna do is cut the bullsh*t.”

The show looks a lot like “Shark Tank”, bringing entrepreneurs out to present their business ideas to the self-made millionaire hosts in hopes that they will invest. But it differs in that the hosts are business partners. They aren’t competing for business or trying to rip an idea to shreds, they’re looking to get to know someone and help them on their way. That may mean they financially support the company or give them some blunt, West Texas honesty.

“Most of the time, these people come to us, most of the times they’re younger than us, they’re nervous. We want to tear down that barrier,” Gilliam told “In corporate America, if you don’t have value to the company, you’re not a valuable person to them. We want people to feel valuable in what they’re doing.”

And they do it all with a huge dose of humor.

“Rooster & Butch” airs on A&E Wednesdays at 10PM.