‘Roseanne’ Revival Will Just “Ignore” Dan’s Death


Since news of the
Roseanne revival broke, fans have been baffled by the news that John Goodman’s character would be returning. Ya know, because in the series finale it was revealed that Dan died of a heart attack. TV Line is now reporting how he’s going to come back to life.

“Dan is very much alive,” a source told the website. “They’re going to pretend like it never even happened.”

If you recall, the series finale of Roseanne was a doozy. We learned that the majority of the season — where they won the lottery — was a dream, Jackie was actually a lesbian, Darlene had actually been in a relationship with Mark (instead of David, who apparently ended up with Becky).

The insider says it’s safe to assume that “everything that went down” in the series finale will be ignored in the revival.

The Roseanne revival premieres in Spring 2018.