Las Vegas Survivors Are Posting Pictures of Their Memorial Tattoos And They Are Incredible


Over the past week, the country music industry and it’s fans have struggled to find answers to how we move forward and heal after the violence at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. For those who were there, they can never fully move past what happened. Some lost loved ones, others will carry wounds the rest of their lives, but all will live with the memory of that night. To commemorate, some survivors are getting tattoos. They are both gorgeous and heartbreaking reminders of that awful night.

The captions all tend to be long, but the mourning and steadfast resolve in the posts is something you should take time to read.

“it so easily could’ve been me that was killed”

“We will hurt for a long time, but we will push through. This will not break us.”

“Everyone who was there is strong. We will push past this. God bless us. God bless Vegas.”

“This is part of our lives now. But – I have hope because Love Conquers All”