A Serious Discussion: Are Roy D. Mercer Prank Calls Still Funny?


In the mid-1990s, two radio DJs from Tulsa, Oklahoma created the character Roy D. Mercer as a vehicle for on-air prank calls. By 1997 Capitol Records Nashville started releasing the sketches on CD and to date, 12 compilation albums have been released.

So, 20 years later are these sketches still funny? They aren’t obscene and they’re usually not that offensive, with the most serious questions always being, “how big a boy are ya?” and “you have had an ass whoopin’?”

Roy D. Mercer usually called people on behalf of his wife Sharon Jean.

1. Someone Walked in On Sharon Jean in the Bathroom
Yes, still funny.

2. Car Paint Came Off at the Car Wash
Yes, still funny.

3. Someone Peed on Uncle Jesse’s Grave
Still very, very funny.