Ellen Asked Ryan Gosling A Bunch of Personal Questions and He Was Visibly and Hilariously Squeamish


Ryan Gosling is famously private. Like, is he actually married to Eva Mendes? Does he really have two daughters or are there more? Gosling and Mendes have been together long enough to have multiple children (supposedly), but they don’t make any personal appearances together. The man won an Oscar and he walked the red carpet alone that evening.

During a recent appearance on the “Ellen Show,” Gosling answered some personal questions for charity. For every question he answered Ellen and Ulta Beauty donated $1,000 to breast cancer research.

The problem? Gosling still barely answered the questions.

Childhood Crush

Really? Not Britney Spears from your time together on “The Mickey Mouse Club“?

The Name of His Boat

Ryan, no one would get on your boat! Live a little.

What He Does in the Nude

Are we getting nude wrong? Don’t you undress before getting nude? Isn’t undressing what gets you there? No? Yes?

His Nickname

Of course, Ryan doesn’t have a nickname. He’s made an off-screen living off of being sugar-free, gluten-free doctor recommended water. Not even ice water. Room temperature water.

Book He Reads to His Kids

Okay, this is funny. And big, if true.

Meal He Would Fix For His Family

This answer is fine, until you realize he asked for the budget, setting and amount of prep time. Ellen told him, “$34 and an hour and a half.”

What kind of cheese you buying, Ryan?

Most Attractive Body Part


Wifi Password

Fair. Next!

What He’s Most Scared Of

Weird, but I get it. Sometimes, they’re hard to find.