Ryan Reynolds Has a Great Way to Decide Which Hollywood Chris (Pratt, Hemsworth or Evans) is Hotter


More often than not, I do not go to Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter feed to settle any arguments with friends or family. But, not everyone is like me. Even Ryan goes to his own Twitter feed to settle arguments.

First, Ryan tweeted a simple question, “Can someone settle an argument between me and my priest? Which Kardashians are pregnant?” And instead of being met with real answers, Twitter user @Septicookies shot back with, “only if you can settle an argument with me and my friends. Which Chris is hotter, Hemsworth, Pratt, or Evans?”

Honestly, this is a question I’ve never really thought about– the answer is Pratt, but Reynolds handled it nicely, “When ordering ice cream, I like to get all three scoops.” And because he’s in the business of making people happy, he added, “And of course, some Pine nuts generously sprinkled on top.”

And just like that, it’s settled.

Of course, this reminds us of the time Chris Pine hosted “Saturday Night Live” and tried to explain how he is different than the other guys named Chris.