Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Dressed as Each Other for Halloween and It Made Us a Little Uncomfortable


As an adult, I find Halloween to be a pretty weird thing. Especially when adults dress up for no reason other than to sit in the audience of “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” I mean, that’s kind of strange. You have to walk through the streets of New York City dressed like a pimp before going to the show.

To add to the weirdness, Ryan Seacrest actually dressed up as Kelly Ripa. And Kelly Ripa dressed up as Ryan Seacrest. They also tried to mimic each other’s mannerisms and that’s when it got real creepy.



At one point, Ryan (as Kelly) discussed how bloated he had been feeling.

While all this was happening, Kelly (as Ryan) really lounged about and rocked her 5 o’clock shadow.


Even Ryan’s mother found it odd.

But, really– audience.

Beetlejuice. A Hawaiian. Chef. George Washington. Horse jockey. Elf. Nun. Zebra.

Convict. Cop. Sexy pirate. Lady in shamrocks (favorite).

Pimp. Another pimp. Evil lady from “Snow White.” Jay-Z? Referee. Queen Elizabeth.

And this lady.

Who’s mom is this? Seriously. Is this your mom? Call her. Tell her you love her.