So Sadie Robertson Raps Now And It’s, Actually, Pretty Incredible

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Sadie Robertson has been all over the music world lately. She did a less than stellar video for Lawson Bates, is appearing in an upcoming Brett Eldredge video, and now is in a rap video. Yes she is, and even takes a few bars for herself. The crazy thing is, she’s pretty good at it.

Sure, this is a GOOOFY video about eating cereal and her delivery is a little rigid, but the girl’s got barz! Even Rapzilla thinks so.

Check it out:

Ya, this cereal mix
They call me Slim Sadie you know who it is
Got me a bowl of that cereal, look at the flicka da wrist
Cocoa Pebbles, Golden Grahams, Honey Bunches of Oats
Steven Malcolm is dope but you know I’m the best of the flow
(a bowl of that cereal) livin’ original, yeah, they lovin’ the prodigy
Deuces the up to ’em they duckin’ my dynasty
We be the realest, we carry the miracle with us
How could we all be so full of his love, yet cereal killers?
(talk to ’em) Captain Crunch, breakfast, brunch, dinner, lunch
Bowl after bowl of that cereal
How could you literally sit there and just eat it once?
Yours truly, shout out to all of my cereal killas
I need me a spoon that you dip in the milk and it change colors

The line “They duckin’ my dynasty killed me.